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January 23 - February 19
Jean Glenn
Andrew Saftel

March 6 - April 4
A collection of paintings by
Jean de Botton (1898-1978)
Olena Zvyagintseva
Richard Downs

April 23 - May 29
Brian Rutenberg

Deedra Ludwig

June 19 - July 10

Brett Deschene
Calvin Jones
Claude Bauret Allard
Greg Gustafson
Isabelle Melchior
Yasharel Manzy

July 24 - August 21
Pictorial Adventures

David Eddy
Stewart Helm

Susan Homer
Charles Keiger
Charles Ladson
Mario Soria
Clem Bedwell
Richard Downs

September 18 - October 16
Cathy Hegman

October 23 - November 20
Hunt Slonem

December 8 - January 11
Kimo Minton
Introducing Carmelo Blandino

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September 11 - October 16

Cathy Hegman



For More Information Contact
Jules Bekker 404.869.0511

Cathy Hegman

Opens September 11: Through October 16

TEW Galleries:

After several successful shows with the gallery Cathy Hegman is back to lead TEW into their fall program. Hegman, who lives on a farm, reflects this aspect into her art by situating figures–usually one, but sometimes two or three­–into shadowy, undefined or fragmented landscapes. Using loose brushwork and a palette of velvety hues she layers these traditional figurative and landscape elements onto a minimalist structure. This unique approach allows the viewer to reach into visual realms that might otherwise be uncomfortable or off putting. In a departure from past shows when Hegman’s art relied on symbolist elements, this body of work focuses on memory, which she alludes to in the use of lush, nuanced and moody layers of paint.

Opening reception: 6.00 – 9.00 p.m. Friday, September 11, 2015 


October 23 - November 20

Hunt Slonem


December11 - January 8

Kimo Minton
Introducing Carmelo Blandino

 Kimo Minton


 Carmelo Blandino