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January 24 - February 21
Cathy Hegman & Dora Pinon

February 28 - March 28
Serhiy Hai & Petro Lebedynets

May 2 - June 9
Abstraction Today - Group Show

June 20 - July 25
Contemporary Landscapes - Group Show

August 8 - September 5
Works on Paper - Group show

September 19 - October 17
Yasharel Manzy
Liaung-Chung Yen Contemporary Jewelry

October 24 - November 21
Dave Wertz & America Martin

December 5 - January 9
The Figure Today - Group Show
Jim Byrne, Charles Keiger, Shannon Nyimicz, Roman Palau, Emil Robinson, Mario Soria, Sarah Wolfe, Rimi Yang




January 23
Jean Glenn & Andrew Saftel

February 27 - March 27
Olena Zvyagintseva

Apriel 23 - 29
Brian Rutenberg & Deedra Ludwig

Summer Show
To be announced


Kimo Minton

Rimi Yang


Dave Wertz & America Martin


Dave Wertz 

America Martin



America Martin: “Themes of Humanity” in Gallery 1

Dave Wertz: Animal Souls; Metal Sculpture in Gallery 2

Opens October 24th: Through November 21, 2014

In October, TEW introduces two stellar new artists to the Atlanta scene. America Martin, a successful west coast artist will be having her first solo show at the gallery and David Wertz has his second solo in the city.

America Martin: A Columbian-American from Los Angeles, America Martin is a rising star in the contemporary west coast art world. Her work has been exhibited in museum shows as well as galleries nationwide. She describes herself as a painting anthropologist whose main focus is an exploration of the human form and themes of humanity. She takes inspiration from the work of the mid-century modernist painters but re-translates these influences into something entirely her own, using boldly brushed line, simplified, open shapes and strong bursts of color.  Martin's paintings have a gentle and poetic quality to them but they are also powerful and often quite monumental in size. She works mainly in acrylic and oil on canvas, or in mixed media on paper, but also creates two and three dimensional works in metal. TEW Galleries will be showing paintings and works on paper.

Martin's work is featured in many international collections as well as those of well know public figures such as Danny Devito, Kirsten Dunst, Ted Dansen, Juliette Lewis, Simon Helberg, John Ratzenberger and Giovanni Ribisi -- and many other important collections with lesser name recognition.

America grew up in Hollywood. She was a child actor from age 5 - 16 and was featured in numerous commercials, television shows and films, including Disney's 1991 film "Rocketeer." She attended the Cossroads School of Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica and apprenticed with Vernon Wilson of the Art Center College of Design; then later studied at the Museum of Fine arts in Boston.

Dave Wertz: Metal smith, Dave Wertz, presents three dimensional horses and other creatures constructed from found elements—mostly old automotive parts that he cuts and shapes, or at times simply utilizes—to describe the structure. Wertz’ horses are not quite anatomically literal, rather they are mystical beings with inherent “personality” and plenty of idiosyncratic detailing that at times becomes quite visceral, almost as if you are looking beneath the skin of the beast. His use of both structure and void makes the works spatially interesting and also adds an element of playfulness to the personality of the individual pieces. Strong color contrasts with areas of natural rust juxtaposed with high polish create deeply engaging surfaces.

 Opening reception: 6.00 – 9.00 p.m. Friday October 24th, 2014




The Figure Today - Group Show

Jim Byrne, Charles Keiger, Shannon Nyimicz, Roman Palau, Emil Robinson, Mario Soria, Sarah Wolfe, Rimi Yang 


Mario Soria