Visionary - Cathy Hegman Solo Show


Opens October 23, 2020  On view through December 5, 2020

TEW Galleries is pleased to announce a solo show of new paintings by Cathy Hegman.  Visionary, the title of the exhibition, gives reference and recognition to the striving and visual integrity required to address the challenges she faced during the pandemic, but also to the solace and outgrowth she found in isolation.  Despite the universal difficulties and disruptions the world was experiencing, Hegman discovered that she relished having more time to think about, and plan, her paintings, without feeling rushed or pressured to get them in front of her public.

Depictions of the figure, usually a woman giving or receiving something from the environment, have always been central to Hegman’s art.  For this show, however, she has especially focused on the tactile qualities of the way the paint appears. A process of application that she describes as nearly intoxicating.  The struggle to enrich her surfaces, without eroding the power of her subjects, has been the predominant focus and direction of her art this year.  The result is Hegman’s heightened artistic vision and a richer experience for the viewer.

At present, no opening reception is planned.  Stay tuned for any changes.

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