Charles Keiger


Charles Keiger

Born 1957, Asheville, North Carolina

Artist Statement

What I enjoy about painting pictures is the ability to create a world never before seen, a place with its own rules, values and characters. The elements in my paintings are based on real world objects; trees, flowers, animals, people, etc. What excites me as an artist is combining these real world elements and presenting them in a surreal atmosphere in a way that makes the viewer stop and ponder, “what is going on here?” As a person I try not to take myself too seriously and this attitude flavors my work. If I can elicit a smile from an observer, or perhaps a sense of wonder, I have accomplished what I set out to do, and also entertained myself in the process.


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1979 BFA University of South Carolina, Columbia

1982 MFA University of Georgia, Athens



2018: Modern Whimsy, Charles Keiger & Richard Downs, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2017 TEW Galleries Salon Show, Atlanta, GA


The Painted Figure: Paul Fenniak, Charles Keiger, Mario Soria and Dorian Vallejo, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

Clouds and Waves: Group Show, Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville, NC


Pictorial Adventures, Group Show, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

Dualities, Group Show, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

Two Person Show, Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville, NC.

Thinking Theatrically, Charles Keiger, Solo:  Arts Company, Nashville, TN


TEW Galleries, The Figure Today, Atlanta, GA


Solo Exhibitions: Charles Keiger / Rimi Yang, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville, NC. “New Works”


Gallery Walk at Terminus, “Heaven and Earth,” curated by Ann Tracht & Jill Molino

Charles Keiger, “Menagerie,” Red Line Gallery, Chattanooga, TN


The Arts Company, Charles Keiger: Inside Out, September 3 – October 15, Nashville TN

TEW TOP 25 – Works that Express the Gallery Aesthetic, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA


TEW Galleries, Charles Keiger, Solo, Gallery II, Atlanta, GA


The Arts Company, Nashville, TN. Charles Keiger “The Art of the Book.”

Charles Keiger, Olena Zvyagintseva, May 2009, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA


Gallery Walk at Terminus, Blooming, Curated by Ann Lambert Tracht


TEW Charles Keiger & Kimo Minton, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

TEW 20th Anniversary Exhibition, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

Keiger, Gorman, Richter, Hahn Ross Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


Charles Keiger, Chuck Bowdish, Stephen Olivier, TEW Galleries, Atlanta GA


Charles Keiger, Jonathan Sobol, Otto Neumann, Galerie Timothy Tew


Solo Exhibition, Cole Pratt Gallery, New Orleans, LA


Charles Keiger, Carol Bruns, Greg Decker and Elizabeth Sheppell, Galerie Timothy Tew

Solo Exhibition, Cole Pratt Gallery, New Orleans, LA


“Little Things Mean A Lot”, Swan Coach House, Atlanta, GA

"Tell Me A Story", Charles Keiger and Edith Caywood, Galerie Timothy Tew


Charles Keiger and Gregory Decker, The Arts Company, Nashville, TN

Charles Keiger and Tapp Francke, The Zodiac Room, Neiman Marcus, Atlanta

Spotlight on Southern Artists, Benefit for the Trinity School, Atlanta

Solo Exhibition, Galerie Timothy Tew


“Small Sketches:  A Holiday Show”, Swan Coach House, Atlanta, GA

Charles Keiger, Auguste Garufi, and Jeni Stallings, Galerie Timothy Tew

Lisa Kurts Gallery, Memphis, TN


Solo Exhibition, Galerie Timothy Tew

Spotlight on Southern Artists, Benefit for the Trinity School, Atlanta

Portraiture as Art, Unique Portraits by Contemporary Southern Artists, Artwalk at Lenox Square, Atlanta


Spotlight on Southern Artists, Benefit for the Trinity School, Atlanta


Angela Verdon, Kimo Minton, Charles Keiger, Galerie Timothy Tew

Marco Arce, Charles Keiger, Gerald Lee Zeigler, Galerie Timothy Tew

        Eleventh Annual Sidewalk Art Show, Swan Coach House Gallery 


Charles Keiger and Marco Arce, Galerie Timothy Tew        

1993 The November Show, A Juried Exhibition of 30 Atlanta Artists, Atlanta

Solo Exhibition, Galerie Timothy Tew

Group Show, Galerie Timothy Tew


Figure Studies, Galerie Timothy Tew


Solo Exhibition, Galerie Timothy Tew

Earth Factory Show, Atlanta


On Display - Kaskel and Keiger, Southern Bell Center, Atlanta

  Suwanee Arts Federation, Visiting Artist, Suwanee, Georgia

Dekalb Council for the Arts, Juried Show


Art in the Homes, Juried Show, Atlanta

Flesh, Machine and the New Venus, installation, Club Rio, Atlanta

Mattress Factory Show, Atlanta

Dekalb Council for the Arts, Juried Show

A Political Art Show, National Juried Show, The Peasant Building, Atlanta


Mattress Factory, Show, Atlanta


South Carolina Friends of the Arts, Juried Show, Spartanburg, SC


Artists in Georgia, University of Georgia Museum of Art, Athens

South Carolina Friends of the Arts, Juried Show, Spartanburg


One-Person Show, World Trade Club, Atlanta       



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