Melissa Sims


Melissa Sims

Born 1970


Artist Statement:

I am always trying to overshadow my negativity.  As a child I worried all the time and saw the negative in almost everything. With my paintings I do the opposite. I see the beauty in the old, mundane and maybe overlooked.

My paintings have changed over time, like me. Years ago when I was younger and single, my paintings were more seductive. When I fell in love and got married, my paintings were more romantic and sweet. I had a kid and my paintings were cute and fun and full of toys.

Now I am happily living. I love who I am, I love my life. I still worry, but now I try and see the bright side of everything. My paintings now make me laugh and happy. Some have double meanings. Funny and shiny at first glance and an underlying commentary on what it going on around me. 

My current obsession of vintage paint by numbers came from my grandmother. She had several in her house that I got when she died. I love them, I love how they take me back to a simpler time, quiet, colorful and then I add my new experiences. Photos of signs and things I have come across on road trips. I bring it all together to create a new world. 



1988 -1993 University of Georgia, Athens, GA

BFA Photography, BA Art History



2018-2005  Annual Art Papers Auction, Atlanta, GA

2017 Zinc Contemporary Art Gallery, Seattle, WA

2014 Resistor Monrovia, CA

2012 Trim Venice, CA

2010 Gloria Delson Contemporary, Art Los Angeles, CA

The Thought Gallery, Hollywood, CA

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2008 M.J.Higgins, Los Angeles, CA

2007 TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

James Gray Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

ArtLA, Santa Monica, CA

2006 James Gray Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

M.J. Higgins, Los Angeles, CA

Applegate Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

Bamboo Lane Gallery, Chinatown, LA, CA

2005 Omni Art Response @Hangar 1018, Los Angeles, CA

Lansdell Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Solaris Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

2004 Lansdell Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Elevation Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2003 Lansdell Gallery, Atlanta, GA

The Telephone Factory, Atlanta, GA

The Art Coalition, North Hollywood, CA

2002 Off Rose Gallery, Venice, CA

Millie’s, Silverlake, CA

The Bourgeois Pig, Hollywood, CA

The Portfolio Café, Long Beach, CA

Lansdell Gallery Atlanta, GA

Dragonfly Gallery, Decatur, GA

Mad River Post ,San Francisco, CA

2001 Trim Venice, CA

Lansdell Gallery, Atlanta, GA

The Telephone Factory, Atlanta, GA

2000 The Crescent Room (sponsored by Blue Milk), Atlanta, GA

Lansdell Gallery, Atlanta, GA

1999 Nomenclature Museum, Atlanta, GA

1999-1996 Lansdell Gallery, Atlanta GA

1994 University of Georgia, Athens GA

1993 University of Georgia, Cortona, Italy

University of Georgia, Athens, GA

The Athens Coffeehouse, Athens, GA

1992 Woodward Academy, College Park, GA



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