Organized Abstraction — a Group Show featuring Seven Artists



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Organized Abstraction - A Group Show featuring Seven Artists

Opens March 6, 2020  5.00 – 8.00 p.m.  On view through April 10.

TEW Galleries is pleased to announce Organized Abstraction, a group show featuring seven artists.  These include Jean-Pierre Bourquin, Jean Glenn and Stewart Helm, who have been represented by the gallery for many years, while Dane Carder, Curtis Cutshaw, Susan Dory and Cameron Ritcher are recent, or new, additions to our roster.

The word abstract does little to describe non-objective art other than to indicate that the imagery is not recognizable, as in representational art.  Rather, abstract art is the free association of shape, color, lines and texture, often reflective of unconscious associations, in order to create novel designs or images.  Organized Abstraction is what happens when artists choose to impose as much formal control on the creative process as is left to chance.  In this regard Organized Abstraction bears a stronger imprint of the recognizable, as the shapes used by the artists often remind of us things we have seen.

This show is part of TEW Galleries’ ongoing bid to exhibit the broadest range of mid-career artists we can source, and provides a contrast to our just completed group exhibition of figurative art and our upcoming Solo Show for America Martin, which will open Friday, April 24. 

Dane Carder, Jean Glenn and Cameron Ritcher will be present at the opening of Organized Abstraction.  The public is invited to attend and wine, beer, sodas and light bites will be served.  Entrance is free and there is also plenty of parking. 


Opening reception: Friday, March 6, 2020  5.00 – 8.00 p.m.