The Mechanics of Color


The Mechanics of Color- a Group Show
Featuring painters who combine colors in especially skillful and dynamic ways.

Opens March 24, 2023; 6:00-8:00 pm   On view through April 22


TEW Galleries represents a wide range of artists, adept at energizing a room with their
use of color. The Mechanics of Color, our Spring show, is punctuated with artworks by the colorists that do so.

Calling on the emotional component of color versus implementing it as a representational tool,
the colorist steers a painting’s effect on the viewer. Like a gifted mechanic, who expertly aligns
an engine’s parts for function, a colorist develops color relationships to communicate
complex meanings to the viewer.

Color theory provides practical guidance for color combinations and determines how these color schemes
evoke certain emotions and meanings when communicating with us. Throughout the history of art, from the dark brown and black pigments beloved by Rembrandt to light-filled Impressionist compositions to the garish hues often seen in contemporary art, colorists stretch the boundaries of color, creating works that captivate viewers. Although painters fall intothis category most easily, photographers and installation artists can be master colorists too.